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Nov. 25th, 2010 | 10:46 pm
location: United Kingdom, Burnham-on-Crouch, Winstree Rd, 11-63
mood: lonely lonely
music: The way you are - Bruno

So on Tuesday I went to Learn direct and JC with Jake. Woke up and straight away felt like a zombie didn’t get much sleep fail. ot the bus and met up with Jake in Latcho. Got to Learn direct was pretty nifty and started my level 2 really epically hard though :(. Felt really embrassed too ‘cause Jake was supposed to start his English on that day but turns out you have to be 19 and over and poor Jake is only 18 >.<. Opps

So yeah after that Jake went to the bank and got his card sorted out and then we got the bus to Chelmo went to JC and was only in there for an hour which is pretty good considering most times it is really busy in there so they normally take a while. I looked for some jobs after he was done was so emofied as only got one to apply for and I have to send off my voucher tomorrow T_T. I have been trying though I’ll just have to say that I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything to apply for.

After we had been around and looked in game and such we came back to Jakes and I ended up staying round his as tbh I couldn’t be asked to go back to the shit hole of a house I live in and Jakes parents are soooo fuckin awesome so yeah that’s why my blog wasn’t up for a few day sorry folks!

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Nov. 22nd, 2010 | 04:18 pm
location: United Kingdom, Burnham-on-Crouch, Winstree Rd, 11-63
mood: ecstatic ecstatic

 Yay! I'm so happy right now everything in my life is fitting perfectly like a puzzle (well except for the annoying ex)  I got my DVLA application form through today and all I have to do is get my doctor to sign a photo and fill in part of the application form and then get my PA advisor from JC to print out a letter OR get my NI card back from my ex and then send it off ^_^.  Sorting it all out tomorrow so I can try and get things on the move as soon as possible :).

Also when I get it i'm giving it to my bf lmao no way am I keeping it! I would lose it in like a week.  I think also after I get my provsional I am going to save up to order a passport just so that way I have to forms of ID and I can take my provisional out if I am going out clubbing and if I lose it I still have some ID so it will be easier to order a replacement :).  I would have got the passport first but it's such a longgggg process it's unreal lol.

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Nov. 22nd, 2010 | 02:12 am
mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable

  *sigh* my ex is starting to give me shit just 'cause he wants me back and he wants me to dump my current bf I don't see why I should he dumped me he made his mistake. I mean I don't round to hurt him but why should I be unhappy when atm I am sooo happy for once in a long time in my life. I can't really put it into words so here is what my friends said cause she is better at explaining it.

""Hun, altho iv made friends with jay, its not fair for any guy to decide to waltz back into ur life because it suits them and expect you to drop everything and come running. its not fair 4 u and its not fair 4 jake. u got jake now so stick to him. he sounds like a wonderful guy, not saying jay isnt but u have moved on. its time jay does too. if he misses ur clingyness and just u in general then he shouldnt have dumped u for that reason. it must be hard for him to accept that maybe he fucked up a bit and now u have moved on. weather it was too quick or not is ur and only ur business, guys shouldnt care about that if theyr the ones doing the ditching. like i said, as much as i like jay, i dnt think it would do either of u any favours to get bk together. simply coz ur happy with sum1 else x x"

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Sunday roast

Nov. 21st, 2010 | 01:45 pm
location: United Kingdom, Burnham-on-Crouch, Winstree Rd, 10-46
mood: lazy lazy

 So me and my family were supposed to go round my nans today for a roast dinner.  Turns out though we couldn't as you have to cancel meals on wheels a day early so guess we will do it next week.  In a way i'm kinda glad it is as it's that time of the month again.  I just feel really groggy and I want my nan to see me at my best as well she is dying to be blunt.  

Hopefully I can go see her on Tuesday as I have learn direct that day and I could go see her on my way back trouble is though I wanna see my bf too though I will be spending the day with him.....I could always spend it half and half ^_^.  

Just had my roast hehe onomnonnom very tasty ^o^.  Other then that quite a lazy day 

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New life

Nov. 20th, 2010 | 10:40 pm
location: United Kingdom, Burnham-on-Crouch, Winstree Rd, 11-63
mood: cold cold

 Well Hello there!

Haven't been on here for ages and alot has changed!  I did have a job but got made redundant so am yet again on the look for a job.  Also the most biggest news I suppose (no I'm not pregnant lol) is I have a new boyfriend! Yes sadly Jason broke up with me a month ago and after much debate and finding out my feeling I am now dating someone new called Jake (why are they always J? lol)

But yeah I still talk to my ex and we are still really good friends.  He says he made a mistake but I guess he will just have to live with that mistake as now I've moved on. Jake makes me really happy and he treats me like a princess I love him and he is just so down to earth so I can talk to him about anything.  The one thing that will be why me and Jake work is because I love his family and they love me!  I mean they don't even seem like parents there just such awesome parents and we click just like that and I can be myself!

Another thing is that Jake lives near me and I can see alot more of him which is great for me as I hate to admit it but I am really clingy.  So yeah everything is going well for me atm.  Life was a bit shit for a while but the sun seems to have come out and I think that is thanks to Jake :) <3

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back home now/ mums birthday

Mar. 31st, 2009 | 10:44 pm
location: at home in living room :)
mood: lonely lonely

So back home now after spending 2 days with my boyfriend at his dads house.  Really don't want to to be honest.  My dad kindly dropped Jason off in Town today to meet Jamie as he is staying round his 'till we move in.   Sucks when we had to leave each other though I felt like crying :(.

 Well it was my mums birthday today I was going to get her a card but I didn't have any money I do but like I have to save it for when we move in for food for 2 weeks.  I explained though and she was okay with it which was good.  Anyway for her birthday we went to a carvery very nice I must say.  I had ribs with wedges and very nice homade salad I was suprised to find myself still hungry after it!  Must have been the fact that I was missing Jason >.<.  Dad let me have desert afterwards which was again nice ^^.

So hopefully should be moving in on Thursday but mum said the money may not have transferred so not sure yet.  Also I'm hoping my ming ming dress comes tomorrow as then I can go round Ambers and we can edit it together as she knows what she is doing lol.  Oh yeah I also watched Monsters VS Aliens while at Jasons dad's house very good film :)

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6 days with my love

Mar. 17th, 2009 | 10:39 pm
mood: lonely lonely

 So yes I am now going out with that guy out of Game in Chelmsford lol. I know people are probably thinking you slut and stuff because the past 2 months I have had 3 bf's now. Me and Mike wasn't working out he woudln't tell his dad about us and for me it wasn't acceptable for me. There is more to it then that but i'd rather not go into details.

Anyway so I stayed at Jasons from Tues to Monday. I had never met his parents but they let me stay round o.O. I was realy greatful and they were sooo nice to me. Haha *nervous laugh* I got told off for giving him to many hickeys though >.< and I ehard they can give cancer wtf o.O odd lol but yeah never do it again cause I don't wanna risk anything to hurt him ^_^.

Oh yeah big suprise dun dun dun he smokes :o. He only told me when I met up with him though lmao. He said he is gonna quit for me he only smokes when he is upset or stressed though. He smoked only 5 a day while I was there which isn't too bad considering he used to smoke 30 a day o.o.

So yeah we went out on Saturday got drunk with him the night consisted. Shouting at boxing grinding on my bf and perving on hot girls at the club oh and cum burger mcdonalds haha you really don't want to know!

oh yeah and his sister never gets on with his gf like she has always beaten them up and shit but guess what not me we love each other like sisters it's great! :D. So yeah yesterday Jasons and me got pissed and stayed round Yuki's today we had to say bye it was worse then when I had to say goodbye to Brodie. When the bus drove off I swear I was nearly ready to drop on the floor. but yes an epic week with him and I can't wait to see him on Friday :D!

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Chinese Meet up

Mar. 9th, 2009 | 12:30 am
location: In bed X3
mood: calm calm

 No I didn't meet up with Chinese people lol.

No i'll explain. About once every month me and my family meet up with my auntie and uncle at a Chinese restaurant in chelmsford. It's a time where we can meet up and talk about what we have got up to. It's always nice to see them and know what my cousin Sarah is up to. She used to come as well but she can't know because she has her third baby on the way and works very hard.

Anyway today was very chatty and cold! >.< I had only put a short sleeved top on and it started raining! Epic fail! It was so sunny though when we left it was actully hot! D:. Oh well that's England for ya. Anyway we got to the restaurant early and in a few mins they were there. Whist inside we chatted and ate our food ^.^ mmmmm noodles. LOL one time me and my uncle had this flat out nerd talk about computers the father on the table next to us gave me a werid look lol I was like ^^; sorry yes I am nerd lol. We found out how Sarah was and she is doing very good and so are her other 2 children they're sooo cute ^.^.

Anyway after we had done I saw a shop that had chinese or something written on it and there behold was pocky!!! :insert god like music here: yes pocky in bloody chelmsford with lots more Japanese food!! frinking awesome I tell ya. Do you what to know what's even better? 70p 70 bloody p one cost me up in London they cost £1.20 ha! Yeah fuck you London >:3

So all in all a good day ^_^.....Though I have to fill in job seekers thing tomorrow T_T ga'h! 

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Long time no see

Mar. 4th, 2009 | 10:41 pm
location: At home in bed
mood: bored bored

Anyway long story short. Brodie and me split up yes I still get upset over and yes I will always love him I always love the people I have ever loved I don't think it is wrong.

but yes I did say how I was going to job seekers but that day has passed. So I went to job seekers had to wait for a while. While was waiting this guy next to me started talking about how he was laid off a building job as so were 199 other people. then the next week he found out he hired 150 foreign people like from Ukraine or somewhere to start there on a lower salery. I have to say I agree with him it's total disgusting how they are treating us.

Anyway got to the desk and the women was really nice and explained everything to me and in about 20 mins I was out so it went quite quick. After that we decided to go in the shopping mal (I was with my dad) I went into game and stood at the pile of xbox games I couldn't afford yet anyway lol. This guy said how he liked my coat and so I was like thanks. Then we started talking about clothes and how are towns were invested with chavs. It was really funny 'cause I've never talked to a random stranger for so long. A girl in store even came up to us and asked if she could help us lol we were talking for at least 45 minutes lol. Werid experience but non the less awesome

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Holiday and birthday

Sep. 9th, 2008 | 01:24 am
location: Home
mood: sleepy sleepy

Just a quick short blog really.

Hi everyone i'm back for holiday. It was okay wasn't that much fun though was kinda boring like my birthday was why did it have to be on a Monday? lol I took plenty of pictures that I've gonna uploaded and I hope you like em :D. I can't wait till the 20th I can hopefully go to the picnic.

Got that job interveiw coming soon as well ga'h I really hope I get it!

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