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Nov. 25th, 2010 | 10:46 pm
location: United Kingdom, Burnham-on-Crouch, Winstree Rd, 11-63
mood: lonely lonely
music: The way you are - Bruno

So on Tuesday I went to Learn direct and JC with Jake. Woke up and straight away felt like a zombie didn’t get much sleep fail. ot the bus and met up with Jake in Latcho. Got to Learn direct was pretty nifty and started my level 2 really epically hard though :(. Felt really embrassed too ‘cause Jake was supposed to start his English on that day but turns out you have to be 19 and over and poor Jake is only 18 >.<. Opps

So yeah after that Jake went to the bank and got his card sorted out and then we got the bus to Chelmo went to JC and was only in there for an hour which is pretty good considering most times it is really busy in there so they normally take a while. I looked for some jobs after he was done was so emofied as only got one to apply for and I have to send off my voucher tomorrow T_T. I have been trying though I’ll just have to say that I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything to apply for.

After we had been around and looked in game and such we came back to Jakes and I ended up staying round his as tbh I couldn’t be asked to go back to the shit hole of a house I live in and Jakes parents are soooo fuckin awesome so yeah that’s why my blog wasn’t up for a few day sorry folks!

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